Roadmap back to yoga

It feels like an age since I posted a video on Facebook about the importance of having a plan to get through the difficult winter months. Now with the announcement that there is a plan to gradually bring the country out of lockdown, I have been finding it difficult not to get carried away with planning all the things I am going to do when we get back to ‘normal’.

As a keen gardener, I love the Spring when the first signs of growth start to appear, and it is time to start planning for the months ahead. Every gardener knows that if you don’t make a week by week plan now your chances of getting a bumper harvest are slim. Similarly, I don’t want to get to April, or May, or June and find that my planning hasn’t prepared me for the challenges and opportunities of post-lockdown life. With that in mind I have started to plan my very own roadmap - a roadmap back to yoga.

In the coming months you can expect to see (amongst other things)

  • online retreats,

  • yoga workshops,

  • special one-off themed classes,

  • and even a mindfulness ebook.

Face to Face yoga are classes are my passion, and it has been heartbreaking at times to be denied the opportunity to share the yoga journey that so many of you are on. But Spring is here, and I cannot wait to join you again on the yoga mat.

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