I decided to start coming to these classes specifically as they combine Mindfulness with Yoga. I have always used Mindfulness to help combat anxiety and other mental health issues. I wanted to start doing a gentle exercise and really like the fact that Stephen always shows us different variations of the position so it is achievable whatever your physical ability.
I always enjoy the classes and feel a huge sense of calm afterwards as well as having benefitted physically from the classes as well.
I would strongly encourage anyone to try Stephen's classes, he puts you at ease and is a fantastic teacher!

I had always fancied trying Yoga, but never really committed to taking the plunge. I was keen to become a little fitter, so the gentle exercise and the mindfulness aspect really appealed. Being a busy mum and running our own business, I felt I wanted some time just for me - body and soul! So Stephen's classes were perfect, just what I was looking for. Local and at lots of different times to suit everyone. He's really friendly, welcoming, patient and not at all pretentious like some Yoga teachers. It's a lovely community atmosphere in the classes and everyone is friendly. I would highly recommend the classes to all ages and abilities. The onus is definitely on doing things at your own pace, but there is always scope to push your boundaries and try the more complex forms of the poses - which I love to have a go at. Can't wait to get back into it after my Christmas break.

I decided to go yoga to help all my aches and pains .I certainly feel better for going . I enjoy both parts of the class the mindfulness and meditation bit is brilliant. Anyone who is thinking about coming to one of Stephen classes should give it a go. He's an excellent teacher, he explains everything and gives us easier options when we are struggling.

I wanted to improve my core strength and flexibility to help ease aches and pains I also love how for 1 hour a week I can just ‘be’ and think of nothing other than the poses. Had a break for a few months and noticed the aches creeping back and I’m back and looking forward to future classes. Stephen also is a massive factor as he’s such a good teacher there’s no pressure and it’s a very relaxing, chilled and friendly atmosphere

I started to come to the yoga class as my friend was coming and told me how good the classes were. I had got into the habit of not fitting in any exercise and letting other things get in the way and felt it was time for a change. Straight away I fell in love with the yoga classes and have got quite addicted and try to attend 3 times a week and quite annoyed if I miss a class. For me I love the feeling of stretching out and have felt a lot stronger and more flexible which as you get older it is really important.The mindfulness part of the session has been an added bonus for me as I find it hard to switch off from things running through mind and over time I have got better at doing this and come away feeling really relaxed. I can,t recommend enough to anyone who is thinking of coming to yoga how great it is, Stephen the instructor explains everything to you which makes it easy for you to follow the moves and always provides different options to suit everyone’s ability and fitness levels. I have met some really lovely people everyone is so friendly and I guarantee you will enjoy it if you come along. Another added bonus is that Stephen hosts different classes all week so if you miss a class he makes it so easy for you to join one of his other classes so you don,t have to miss out. It is the best feeling ever after you have done a yoga class. 

I started yoga and mindfulness to try and relax my busy brain and it works a treat. I love my Wednesday morning class and I've learnt loads of techniques for staying super chilled through the rest of the week. Everyone that comes to class is lovely so it's nice seeing them all every week too. To anyone thinking of trying yoga this year I couldn't recommend it enough, unlike lots of NY resolutions you'll really enjoy it so it's easy to stick to!! 

I started yoga with Stephen after my yoga teacher moved away. I find yoga has helped with my flexibility and improving my relaxation because before Stephens classes I found it hard to switch off from every day life. Stephen is a really good teacher he explains every move and shows you different ways of doing them to suit your ability. The classes are so friendly and welcoming you feel ok going on your own. My husband has recently joined the men’s class which has really helped him with his bad back and his suppleness.

I have practiced yoga for a few years and was looking for another class to run along side with the one I do
I thought it would be a good thing to have a different teacher and I’m so glad I found Stephen’s class he is a fantastic teacher
Yoga has made an enormous difference in my life both physically and mentally i also love the mindfulness side too.If you are sat wondering shall I have a go at this yoga all I can say to you is don’t think any longer just do it you won’t regret it

I started Yoga with Stephen after major bowel surgery and due to other medical conditions I couldn’t partake in most other forms of exercise. I had also just started a new role in my profession which involves me dealing with others who have experienced extreme trauma. I found that the Friday lessons are a perfect way to de-stress after a hard week of work! The combination of the two and Stephen’s laid back teachings has given me back some much needed “me time”!

 I started Stephen's classes one year ago to help my road to recovery after shoulder surgery and to try and get strength, flexibility and variety in my otherwise very active lifestyle. Although I also do Pilates, yoga is very different and I love the fact that all poses are adaptable to all abilities. I hate it now if I have to miss a class. The combination of mindfulness at the end of each class does take some mastering for me, but that's because my brain never shuts up. Would highly recommend Stephen's classes to anyone. Feel very welcome, make new friends and the benefits to the body and mind are huge, so give it a try.

I came to Yoga as my parents had started and were speaking very highly of the class - I'd always wanted to try Yoga anyway, but this gave me the push.
As a result of starting I feel stronger and more flexible; and although I havent quite mastered the mindfulness bit yet I find that the Friday session rounds off my week and chills me out for the weekend.
Anyone thinking of starting should definitely give it a go. Stephen's classes are brilliant and everyone is really friendly. You can adapt moves to your ability, and challenge yourself more if you feel able. I never thought I'd end up loving Yoga, but now find I can't wait for the next class and hate if I have to miss a week! 

I started going to yoga due to having some health issues.... my flexibility and strength has improved massively... going to Stephen’s classes means for one hour I am totally present in the moment.. I always feel amazing when I’ve finished and the progress I’ve made physically is amazing ! Thank you Stephen Smith

I came to Chi Living Yoga as it was a new class. I did yoga when I was younger and loved it. Now I am in my 60’s I wanted to keep flexible. The class gives me much more than that. Everyone is so friendly, all ages, all levels of fitness. New members easily fit in and are made to feel welcome. We have a laugh and Stephen is very good at explaining all the different poses and which muscles we are stretching.
I would recommend Chi Living to anyone.
Give Yoga a try.It really makes you feel good after a class

When I retired a year ago, I knew I needed to take up some new interests, and as I suffered from stiffness and anxiety I thought yoga could be a good idea. What a revelation! It has altered my every day life, by using the techniques learned in class I am now calmer, less anxious and much more flexible.
Everyone I've met at the classes is friendly, and I have made many new friends along the way. I have been so positive about the impact yoga has had on my wellbeing, my son and husband now attend classes and they love it too. Stephen is a lovely teacher, he has a kind/calming nature, he explains everything patiently and thoroughly. I would recommend yoga to everyone, it will be the quickest, most relaxing, enjoyable hour of your week. The benefits are amazing, the people are lovely and I look forward to going every single week. I can't thank Stephen enough.

I happily found Chi Living when my previous yoga teacher emigrated - I saw the advert for the yoga classes in the Drs surgery and got such a warm text back from Stephen Smith I immediately felt welcome. Yoga has made such a huge difference to my life - I enjoy the classes so much , for my mental health equally as for my physical health . for anyone thinking about taking up yoga i would say - dont hesitate, its life changing - and Stephen Smith makes the combination of yoga and mindfulness totally accessible to anyone and everyone and he is the absolutely brilliant as a teacher. Thank you!!

I first came along to Chi Living yoga class after my friend recommended it earlier in the year.
After years of doing high intensity classes at the gym, I started to get a few injuries and niggles so fancied trying something more gentle instead.
I think you can always tell with older people, especially ladies, if they have done yoga for a long time, because they look amazing! I want to be one of those ladies!
Stephen is a brilliant yoga teacher. Very welcoming, knowledgeable and patient, and always has a funny story to share! I like how there are always different levels you can work at, and you are able to challenge yourself if you want to.
I haven't attended nearly as many yoga sessions this year as I would have liked, but hopefully I will be able to make amends this year. In our busy lives it is important to make some time for ourselves, and this clas is a great, enjoyable way to do that.

I had been wanting to try yoga for a while as I thought it might be a good, gentle way of getting back into exercise as I have arthritis in my knees and hips - when Stephen started a class on a Friday evening in our village hall in Woodsetts it was the perfect opportunity! I've been attending classes for about a year now along with my husband and daughter and we all really enjoy it, lovely relaxing way to end the week! Stephen is a really friendly guy and a great teacher, he demonstrates and explains the poses before we attempt them and gives options to make them easier or harder depending on ability. The people in the class are friendly and we do have a laugh at ourselves on occasions! My flexibility and breathing have definitely improved and I find the mindfulness really helps me to feel calmer. I'm always disappointed if I have to miss a class now, but I have discovered that Stephen's Thursday afternoon class in dinnington is a great alternative if I can't make friday evening. There is so much more to Yoga than I thought - give it a go

I decided to come to yoga as my husband became a yoga teacher and if I didn’t join in I would never see him! I had done yoga before, years ago and enjoyed it. I knew my flexibility had deteriorated over the years and I had been having problems with joint pain (just getting older but not helping myself by doing enough regular exercise). I was also struggling with anxiety after my mum died and knew I needed to get both my mind and body in better shape.
The difference has been remarkable for me. Even if Stephen gave up teaching I would carry on, I am addicted to stretching! I attend 3 classes a week after work. The Friday class draws a line under my working week I love all my classes and I have found some lovely friends in all of the groups. My flexibility has improved hugely. I still struggle with some of the breathing meditations but that’s a work in progress! I use yoga techniques on a daily basis to help me if I feel anxious (a bit like a comfort blanket). My general health and well-being is miles better. I love my yoga.
For anyone thinking of giving it a try I would say do it! It isn’t for everyone but anyone can do it - it’s your yoga there is no being good bad or indifferent at it, you work at your own pace and make your own yoga journey. It’s fab!

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