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My Yoga Journey

The response to the new “My Yoga Journey” Facebook group has amazed me. This online group is a place where people can share their experiences of how yoga has changed their lives; and people have certainly done that! If anyone ever doubted the benefits of yoga and mindfulness then they should join this group and read the heart-warming and inspiring stories that have already been posted.

I was recently interviewed for a podcast and was asked about the lesser well known benefits of yoga and mindfulness. My response was twofold. Firstly, I stated that many people find that they are more able to focus, and become more adept at resisting the demands to constantly multi-task, thereby maintaining a more balanced and healthy mind. Secondly, I explained that the current health crisis has led to an increase in people being willing to share their experiences, support others, and ask for (and accept) help. After just one week, the personal stories posted on My Yoga Journey have evidenced both of these two points.

I continue to be emotionally ‘warmed’ by the kindness and resilience of the people who form the Chi Living community, and I feel both humbled and privileged to know such wonderful people.

You can request to join the group here

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