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Leading Wellbeing in Rotherham

According to the CIPD Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey, organisations are seeing an increase in mental health conditions and stress related absence, and the cost of this for the economy runs to billions of pounds. On Monday 25th March I was fortunate to be part of the Leading Wellbeing Conference in Rotherham; a day of workshops to raise awareness about workplace wellbeing and how this might be achieved through strategic and personal development.

The conference was the brainchild of Hannah Butler from SensUs Coaching, and was attended by over 50 practitioners from the worlds of education, local authority and the voluntary & community sector in the Rotherham area. Hannah told me,

“My coaching experience has taught me much about people’s levels of vulnerability and coping. Wellbeing in the workplaces is at a critical level, as statistics relating to mental health and wellbeing paint a worrying picture. Absenteeism and presenteeism are common features and cost the economy billions; this cost can be directly correlated with the human cost and a lost sense of self and disconnection. We need to reconnect and foster generosity, support and kindness as part of what we do. If wellbeing was a way of doing business and the Wellbeing Leader was the aspiration of the next generation, then I would feel hopeful and excited for my grandchildren and the workplace they can expect for their future.”

The delegates attended a series of workshops delivered by SensUs Coaching, Working Win, Co:Create, Live Well, Nicky Valentine, and also my own workshop on Mindful Leadership. Some of those delegates commented,

“The variety and pace of the day was excellent. The workshops and key notes were just the ideal length to stay focussed and engaged.”

“Engaging, uplifting and mindful!”

“All very interesting and relevant with strategies that can be taken and tried back in work place.”

“Honestly don’t know how the day could be improved, the entire day held my interest from start to finish. Really enjoyable day.”

I found it really refreshing to speak to leaders from across Rotherham who are embracing the importance of workplace wellbeing and recognising the contribution that a wellbeing strategy could make to their staff and to their organisation as a whole.

There are plans to host another event on June 24th at Clifford House in Sheffield, and then a further event in Rotherham later in the year.

Places on the Sheffield event are limited to 50, and can be booked via Eventbrite:

For more information, contact Hannah through her website:

Or me at

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