Bringing mindfulness into everyday life.

I’ve just posted a new mindfulness video on YouTube and there’s a link on my website along with all my other videos. Most of these take around 10 minutes to complete and require you to be able to sit undisturbed throughout. So how can you bring this into your everyday life?

One of the people who attends my classes uses a shortened version of the visualisation in my latest video to help her remain calm and keep focussed in a high-pressure job. Another person told me how they use the “Just This” exercise for just 30 seconds before important work meetings. I know of many school students who have used a slimmed down version of the “Counting the breaths in and out” exercise to reduce exam related anxiety.

Andy Puddicombe (the man behind the Headspace app) calls this “flashing” a technique; using a shortened version of a mindfulness exercise at several points throughout the day. I know people who set reminders on their phones as prompts, and others who use regular events throughout their day such as getting in and out of the car.

However you decide to do it, flashing a mindfulness exercise at different times in the day is a great way to establish new neural pathways, and train your mind to associate mental states with day to day activities.

Why not give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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