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Be kind to your mind

I was talking to someone yesterday who said something to make me think. She said that she was desperate for some good news, but that it’s hard to find. As the lockdown drags on, and the horrible news about the death toll is reported every day, it is difficult to see a light. So many people are telling me how low they feel, and I am finding things very difficult at the moment too.

It goes without saying that I think mindfulness has a huge part to play in keeping our minds healthy, and I would encourage you to give these mindfulness videos from my YouTube channel a try

But I am also reminded of the key message from another video that I posted on Facebook before Christmas.

When you feel good, celebrate it.

When you feel bad, talk to someone about it.

The video was watched two thousand times on Facebook, and is now on YouTube

Please share these links on your own social media pages if you feel they would support people you know.

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